Smart CMS for the Cloud Servers

Designed for the cloud

AUMIZ is designed for Google App Engine (GAE) - one of the best cloud infrastructure in the world. GAE offers reliable performance and dependable scalability. Moreover, GAE's pay-per-use pricing model makes it extremely cost-effective whether your client has 1K or 100K visitors to his site.

Productivity is the goal

From the very first day, we kept your team's time and energy in mind while building AUMIZ. It is smart enough to take care of all repetitive, time consuming, background tasks itself. For example, updating navigation and widgets' visibility when you add new pages in the web site.

100% front-end flexibility

With AUMIZ, you can design your UI/UX in a way you want - no hard coded structures. So whether you love custom HTML + CSS + JS or prefer frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap or ZURB Foundation, we got you covered. Moreover, it is so flexible that you can change either a part or the complete UI like a breeze. Yes, this is pretty exciting.

Search engine and social media ready

Promotion matters a lot. AUMIZ has some built in tools to help you optimize your web presence for search engines and social media. Moreover, you can safely change URL (or URL pattern) without worrying about broken links on the web. The platform will take care of required redirection on its own.

Faster than thoughts, literally

Visitors time is equally precious. AUMIZ will ensure that website visitors need not to wait for the pages to load, ever. Thanks to the GAE's high performing, super scalable Datastore that loads data in a blink of an eye.


At present, AUMIZ is available as turn-key website package eemlee.

Want to experience AUMIZ?

Live Demo

Here is the Quick Start Guide for the demo site users.